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het_names's Journal

Claim a *gasp* heterosexual couple!
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Oh look, another _names community! *giggles*

Well, I figured that not everyone out there might want a yaoi couple or a yuri couple so I made this community for anyone to claim a couple that's made up of plain straightforward boy x girl. Shock horror, ne? ;)

Oh, and it doesn't have to be strict canon couples, otherwise you'd end up with nothing but pages of "Miaka!" "Tamahome!" "Miaka!" "Tamahome!" "Miaka!" "Tamahome!" and, as anyone who's seen/read Fushigi Yugi will know, that does get a wee bit boring. ;) So... yeah.

I guess crossover couples can be allowed too, if you really desperately want. But in moderation, don't go shipping an anime character with a book character, try and keep it anime x anime or game x game. *nodnods*

And (last one of these, I promise) no fan-made characters (or worse, MarySues XP although there is actually a MarySue community out there, which I *may* have joined... *looks innocent*). Keep it to actual existing characters please. :)

1. One couple per member unless otherwise stated. (Mods get two and you can earn more by entering contests that will be held at random intervals.)
2. Please CHECK that your couple hasn't been taken. This involves reading the most recent claims list posted and every post to the community since then.
3. Place your request in a new post to the community. Not in an email and not in a comment to an existing post.
4. You must state what anime|manga|game|band|etc that they're from. (Etc covers books, films, plays but this community is mainly for fans of anime|manga|games so don't go silly. ;) )
5. If you don't follow the rules, you don't get a claim. Simple as that.
6. Don't advertise other communities in here any more. No buts. It's tedious and irritating. All advertisments will be deleted from hereon in.
7. This is a fun community so no flaming. Everyone be nice. Mmkay? Mmkay.

Claims list. Last updated: 20th August 2002

weezersoze - het_names founder
sight - _names founder
tearslikerain - _names list conceptualiser XD
?????????? - mod (I don't have/want one right now *nods*)

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and, my personal favourite thus far...
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Woo, that's a lot. :)