The Princess of Seyruun (amelia_seyroon) wrote in het_names,
The Princess of Seyruun

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Hey, people.

I would like to claim Millenium (Millie) Nocturne Stargazer X Kain Blueriver from Lost Universe, please.

Thank you so much.
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Well. *scratches head* Zelgadis/Amelia seems to have already been claimed, d'you wanna have another shot?
That's weird. Last time I checked that spot was empty.

Okay, I'd like to claim Kain X Millie from Lost Universe, then.
If you looked at this list, it hasn't - but that list also hasn't been updated since 2002. ^_^ I kinda adopted the community and updated the list here - which I just added your claim to.
I'm confused, I still don't see my claim, nor do I see the claim that I had previously requested before I ever knew it was already taken. o_O
*facepalm* I'm sorry, of course you can't, because I fail at HTML. THIS is what I meant to link to the second time.

Sorry about the confusion!

Much better. n.n