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Well, okay, why not?

I remember someone a while ago discussing more claims, so I propose, in the interest of making this comm a little more alive, that any member of the community who wants to makes an extra claim by commenting to this post with the couple they'd like (after checking the current claims list, of course). Some people waited for years, wondering if their claim had ever gotten through, if the list would ever get updated. Deserves a reward, yeah? I don't have mod power or anything to declare this, of course, but since the community's been abandoned, we might as well self-mod, right? ^^; *worry*

Any takers? *hopeful*

If there's any interest, I'll probably leave this post open to the... end of the month? That should give everyone who's interested time enough to grab their extra claim.

Closed now. Hope everyone got what they were after. ^_~
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